Is there a way to change font color and size for the text of input control?

I tried to add html tag in the "Prompt Text", but it does not work.




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1 Answer:

Hello, Daning.

There is no fully dynamic way to change color, font or other properties of input controls.

There are two supported ways for now:

1. Add css class for input controls definition in jasperserver\WEB-INF\jsp\modules\inputControls\InputControlTemplates.jsp - this will change look&feel of controls in all reports which use default report parameters form. (works for JasperReports Server of version 4.7.1 or later)

2. Change report parameters form for specific report(s) - go to Edit report -> Customization -> JSP Location   

and set path to custom parameters form jsp (you can copy&paste DefaultParametersForm.jsp and customize it). This way allows you to customize input controls only for specific report(s)




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