[SOLVED] Export Import Tools Installer Build Faliure

I'm trying to install Jasper Server via binary source files.
I've read the source build document up until page 16 and done everything specified in it.
Along the way I didn't recieve any error (regarding maven and Java versions).
The only difference in my case is that I'm using Maven and Tomcat server that comes with NetBeans 7.2.1 Bundle.
If You look at attached pics You can see where the faliure occured.
What could have cause this build faliure, does anyone have a clue?
What can I do next to solve this?

Thank You.


I've solved a problem by running js-ant add-jdbc-driver before runnint js-ant build-ce command, in the command line.

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1 Answer:

Looks like the MySQL jdbc jar is not deployed - I guess you have to do that manually? Oracle doesn't allow re-distribution

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