ANYTHING on Neo4j??

I would really like to use Jasper for a research project, but cannot find anything helpful on connecting to Neo4j, which is a big part of the project. I downloaded the connector and the documentation that came with it says the plug in is not available yet. Is Jasper able to work with Neo4j???


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Jaspersoft has been looking into using a JDBC driver for connectivity to Neo4j. We had some success with basic tests. But we do not have any documentation about it yet.

You can read about the idea on the Neo4j blog:

You can find the JDBC driver here:

You should have good results using this driver with JasperReports Server and JasperReports. Let us know how it goes. As you have questions, please post more questions.

Please also feel free to email just to make sure we see your posts. We're often on those forums, but an email would make sure that we don't miss anything.

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