Detailed hyperlinking on HTML5 charts (Highcharts)

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When hyperlinking in traditional non HTML5 charts we are given options on hyperlinking various elements of the chart; series, groups, points, etc. However in the new HTML5 charts there is only one tab used for hyperlinking for the entire chart, we have not been given obvious hyperlinking controls over each element of the chart.

Is there a way to develop hyperlinking for inidividual elements in the HTML5 charts in a way that is not dissimilar from the original charting components, or will we need to extend JS to enhance it's ability to hook into the individual charting elements?

As always your support is greatly appreciated!

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Hello, our very own Steve Park has a great tuturial on YouTube for this, watch it on the Jaspersoft Embedded BI YouTube Channel:

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Hyperlinking for individual elements can be done using the Highcharts API. Their reference is available at



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How do you configure the chart in iReport to reference the appropriate property and value to do a hyperlink? This is not intuitive. I like that you can leverage Highcharts flexibility via the api, but what properties are available, where do you identify them in iReport chart options dialog, etc. Is there documentation that speaks to this?

By the way, having to pass a value to a property in order to do a hyperlink seems like a convoluted way to get it done, compared to the previously available method of hyperlinking from charts.

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More detailed information on using the HTML5 charting UI is now available at:

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how to provide a pop up window using javascript in html 5 charts when clicked on a specific bar on the bar chart or column chart.
how exactly we can embed javascript in html 5 based charts in iReport Pro 5.2.0.

Please shed some light on this as i am finding dead roads every where.

thanks in advance ilona

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Did you find how to work with Pop using Hyeprlink ??

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