Creating a report by WS - Using existing Datasource

I'm creating a reporty by using the PUT service on a jaspersoft server. I am trying to use a data source that already exists to feed the report:

But, when I try to insert this, I get 'jsexception.implementation.class.not.found' in the return. 

What's wrong with the XML? When I remove the datasource the insertion goes well. 



<request operationName='put' locale='en'>
      <argument name='CREATE_REPORTUNIT_BOOLEAN'>true</argument>
        ... I set the report here...
        <resourceDescriptor name="DB" wsType="datasource" isnew="false">
          <resourceProperty name="PROP_FILERESOURCE_IS_REFERENCE">
          <resourceProperty name="PROP_FILERESOURCE_REFERENCE_URI">
            <value>[data source]</value>
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