Integrating Jasper Reports Server and Java Web Application


 Here is the architecture i am thinking of for a web application at work.

 We have an existing web application with its own authentication mechanism. I would like to integrate JRServer with that web application using the exising authentication. Is it possible?

 What is the recommended approach for the communicating to the JRServer , SOAP or REST Service? How secure is this approach? 

 We have our user base in multiple groups. So I Would have to create multiple organisations and users under that . Is this the right understanding?

 Our data has to be analysed using multiple algorithms. They are not just fields from the database. How would one go about including the analytic functions into a report. I could not get any documentation on this? Can the user design his report based on this analytical functions.

 Is there any performance metrics on Jasper Server. I have installed the trial version on a single server. But it was really slow. Hope this is some configuration issue. Correct me if i am wrong.

 I am basically looking at BIRT and JASPER, with the above requirements. 

 Would really appreciate your feedback !

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1 Answer:

It is possible to integrate JRS with your system using some customization of the authentication mechanism such that it first looks for your custom authentication mechanism. If unsuccessful it will fallback on the default behaviour.

I think you are on the right path regarding your multi tenancy approach.

Regarding your data strategy, you could have a look at JRDataSource & JRAbstractQueryExecuter to get an idea.

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