How to combine data from multiple sources in one report?

Hi, I am using the community edition of iReport and JasperReports Server 5.0.0 to try and make reports that compare/contrast data from multiple sources. For example, I might want to use statistics from two separate Excel files in a chart in one report, or maybe I would take some data from an Excel file and also some data from a database and display that information in one report. 


In iReport, at the top of the screen, it seems like you must select only one data source for a given report (for example, FoodMart): 


Additionally, it also seems like you can only connect one data source to a report in Jasper Server:

However on Jaspersoft's main site, in the "Reporting" section under "Products," it says that  "Jaspersoft reporting software takes information from one or more data sources and presents it in an easy-to-read, highly interactive format so business users can stay informed and make better." Could anyone provide some insight into this issue? Where can I find more information about how to do this? Is it only possible to use multiple data sources with the commercial version?



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You may work with subreports. For example the one datasource in the main report, and the other is given to the subreport.
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If you create a report with multiple datasources then it means multiple queries in one report, Some component takes data from one query and some from another e.g.  table1 query 1 (Datasource) and table 2 takes from query 2(DS). Becouse one report takes one connection at a time.

So whats your requirement is one report having oracle and sql server as multiple datasource ? From my understanding i explain the above multiple datasource concept.

May be i am wrong. So let me know if you deploy your required solution.


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Support for multiple data sources is in the commercial version only.  5.0 introduced virtual data sources, which let you combine multiple JDBC and/or JNDI datasources and use the combination as a single data source. See the Admin Guide for more info.

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Thank you. Unfortunately what I need to be able to combine are two Excel sources, so I guess I will have to look for another solution.

baseballstorm50 - 10 years 1 month ago
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