page break not working & charts side by side not showing

I am using ireport4.8 windows,I want to printed whole report in summary band (I tried using another band many times,but not giving good views,so I choose summary band)

I have 1) main report- with 2 table & 2 chart   , 2) subreport-with 3 charts as below

1) I have put "page break" line where I indicated, but it is not working.I want to show subreport-1 in next page (also If I adds another subreport-2,want to show as separate page)

2) why second chart (right in Main report) floats in table(encircled) ? problem is when I specified it "relative to bottom",it goes in sub-report.But the left one when specified floats it stays in its position.I want to show them side by side

I used "summary" band in subreport  also to print the contents



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