Dynamically switch dashboard component types

We would like to offer the end user the option to display data, found within a dashboard, in which ever component type they choose. Our question: Is it possible to dynamically change a dashboard's component type while utilizing the same dataset? (i.e. form a tabular chart to a line graph)

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1 Answer:

You can implement this by driving the display type with an input contol in the same report, and use subreports (or the print when expresion) to display the proper visualization (i.e. chart, table, etc)

To make it more clear, create a parameter called $P{type} form a list of values i.e. c=bar chart, pie chart, table. Generate the 3 different visualizations as sub-reports. And in the main report choose which one to show depending on the value of that parameter. If you do not want input controls, you can drive this by hyperlinks in text from the main report (see the Sales By Month report sample that comes with Jasper Server, that une uses links to fileter the report by states) 

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