Prevent page break between elements

It seems to be a rather common situation, but I can't find a solution.

There are common rule in official documents, that place for signature should not be on a separate page. It means that if there are text before such an element, then at least one line of it should be on same page as signature element, and if a table before it, then at least one row should be on same page.

Using BIRT I have special parameters for any element allowing me to set up page break behaviour before, after and inside element (allow, always and avoid), but in jasperreports I can't understand how should I reproduce this?

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2 Answers:

Hi elDraco,

If you put the signature with some elements in the same band, you can use "split type" property of the band with the value "prevent".

But I don't think it's possible between the signature and a part of an element such a table row.


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Starting with version 6.4.3, groups have a new boolean attribute called preventOrphan.

In addition to this, groups also have a new property called minDetailsToStartFromTop, which would help make sure groups do not start too low on the page and at least a specified number of detail records fit into the remaining space.

I hope this helps.



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