Unable to install Jasper report server on windows server2008 R2

During the installation of jasper report server x64 version on windows server 2008 R2, bundled tomcat and PostgreSQL were used, an error occured at database initializing stage, and installation failed.

The error message is :


Executing initdb.exe -U postgres -E UTF8 -D D:/JASPER~1.0/POSTGR~1/data
Script exit code: 1
How to solve this problem , your suggestion will be really appreciated.
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3 Answers:

I tried to install with an existing Postgres database, still failed in database initializing stage with another error but also related with unicode.

later I installed jasper server successfully by using the war file package and js-install script with an existing tomcat and mysql database.

So maybe it is a bug of windows installer file for Postgres database initialization.

However, thanks for your kindly reply :)

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Hi Swallan,

please make sure you have Read/Write permission for the PostgreSQL Data folder. Once you solve this, you should be able to rerun installation successfully .

Regards, Olga

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This is Postgres related bug. Please try to install and configure Postgres separately, then run the JasperReports Server installation again and choose to install against an existing Postgres database. This should work around the problem.

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