rest_v2 scheduled job won't run if it has a Date parameter

When I schedule a job via the rest_v2 interface, my reports that have a date as a parameter won't execute (they work fine when scheduled interactively).   The failure that is logged is:

The report was not completed. An error occurred while executing it. java.lang.ClassCastException: org.apache.xerces.jaxp.datatype.XMLGregorianCalendarImpl cannot be cast to java.util.Date

I can understand why the date is coming in as a XMLGregorianCalendarImpl -- that's pretty standard for an XML date or date/time, but why doesn't Jasper Server convert that internally to the required java.util.Date?

BTW, this is on Jasper Server 5.0.0


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1 Answer:

this sounds to me like a bug. Please add it to the tracker including steps how to reproduce and post the tracker number here.

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OK, I created a simple example report to reproduce the issue and submitted it to tracker:

andy.hill - 10 years 4 months ago