Problem with the Times New Roman font

I have a report using the times new roman font. I installed the font in the iReport through the "Tools -> options -> Fonts" menu. I exported the font as an extension (jar file) and I added it in the classpath of my application

The problem: When I export the report to PDF, the text of field has been cutted in the end. The generated PDF is really using the Times New roman font. I checked the properties of file, the font is embedded in the document. 
I guess is a font problem or incompatibility issue with JasperReport/iText because I changed the font type to verdana and the PDF was generated correctly.
The times new roman font used in the iReport and in the extension file was copied from Windows.
So, anybody can help me ? Is there some version of Times new roman font that works perfectly with the JasperReport library ? Shouldn't I use the Times new Roman Font?
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