How do I customize Ad Hoc Chart colors in Jasper 5.0.1

I am looking to customize a few things about how the ad-hoc editor renders charts.  Two particular items are to:

1.) customize the color palette used for the bars/columns.

2.) remove the rendering of a legend

How do I do this?  The concept of Chart themes do not appear to have any impact upon ad hoc charts (and I can see this mentioned in the admin guide: "Chart themes do not apply to Ad Hoc chart views").  And my attempts to make use of the defaultTheme property in applicationContext-adhoc.xml don't seem to impact anything.  From looking in the code, I am wondering if the themes defined in the ad hoc directory (i.e. ocean, olive, forest, etc...) are no longer used in 5.0.1 anyway.

Can anyone shed some light here?


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1 Answer:

1) You can modify default color palette used for Ad Hoc View based charts in scripts/adhoc/highchart.datamapper.js file:

    // the highcharts default color palette
    colors: [
You can modify these colors, add new and/or remove existing ones.
2) You can disable legend by adding 
        legend: {
            enabled: false
option to default options used in scripts/adhoc/highcharts.api.js file:
var highchartsOptions = {
            chart: {
                renderTo: 'chartContainer',
                zoomType: 'xy',
                jrstype: chartState.chartType,
                type: HighchartsDataMapper.cast[chartState.chartType]
       legend: {
            enabled: false
            credits: {
                enabled: false
            tooltip: {
                valueDecimals: 2
            title: {
                // Skip internal Highcharts title.
                text: null

Have in mind that changes will be applied to all Ad Hoc View based charts.

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