Example Talend Job Calling Jasper Rest

We have just upgraded to JasperServer 5.0.  We also use Talend / JasperETL for our ETL processing.

I am trying to build a prototype Talend Job that uses the new Rest web service access in Jasper 5.0, but I am having a problem figuring out just the right Components and settings within them to use.  I am most intersted in using the 'running a report part of the rest_v2/reports Service.  Does any one have this working in a Talend job that they can give me pointers on getting it set up correctly?



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I was able to figure out that I can use the tHttpRequest Component. I was missing the proper formatting of the Headers for authentication. In the Headers section of the Component put "Authorization" in the Header Key column. The value column is made up of the term 'Basic' and then your user ID and password in Base64 encoding. Follow Jasper Webservice docs for that part. Ex: "Basic HmDwb3F0VnBubmCyOlE1bjRzAKJDcWK=". I was missing the 'Basic' part. This may not be the only way to do this, but it is working for my POC. My next problem is trying to figure out why it seems that Jasper Web service cannot keep up with the requests from the Talend job. I am ending up with empty PDFs on some calls.
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