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I'm using Jaspersoft iReport Designer Professional 4.5.0 (comes standard with JFreeChart 1.0.12).  My issue is that the pie charts are very small when the final PDF is requested and generated.

What is confusing me about this is that when I test and run the Jasperserver Reports from within iReport, the "Report Viewer Window" (which is displaying the .jrprint file - I believe) displays pie charts that are very appropriately sized and positioned considering how the .jrxml's were constructed.  However, as mentioned above, the final PDF (when viewed by Adobe Reader) has pie charts that are at least halved in size but still taking up the same band space (effectively creating a larger amount of whitespace around the charts).

This is happening in more than one instance with these charts.  They use the same chart customizer, but seeing as though they are displayed properly through iReports "Report Viewer Window", it leads me to believe that it is not the customizer's doing.

If anyone has any thoughts on what could be causing this I would greatly appreciate it.  I have attached two images: iReport Charts.png are the larger charts before PDF exporting happens, and PDF Charts.png are the smaller charts that appear in the final .pdf file.



iReport Charts:




PDF Charts:

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You can try one thing, Reduce the page height and width to the required structure, set report width & height in such way so that it adjust fit in through iReport then try to export to pdf.

Let me know your changes.

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You can do one thing you can check your zoom in percentage in pdf preview.It might have been set less than 100%.It might be a solution to your problem.

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