How can I contribute my code to the core products

Hi Great Product you got there, So I thought I could contribute to develop some feature for one of jasper's community line of products(not the extensions). But I couldn't find any where about how to go about it. I can see the source code and stuff but how the whole community contribution in regards to source code contribution works for jasper products. Can some one please point me where to look. 

1)Have you got any process in place ?

2) Where to look for new planned features and how can I commit my code to it.

3) Who reviews the commit etc etc. 

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1 Answer:

We do have a contribution process in place, which allows code contributions to make their way into our main code branch.

At present time, if you want your contribution to become part of the product, you need to first sign a contributor agreement (which we can send you on request), than you can send us an email containing your contribution in the form of source code patch and the related documentation. Jaspersoft product and engineering teams will review the contribution and will merge it into the codebase if it fits the product directions and if it stands to coding standards.

This process may seems a bit old fashion and we are working on modernizing it to make it easier on the community, but currently the best way is to contact us with some details about the proposed contribution.

Please feel free to email us at


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