how to call a java method without creating a jar file or scriptlet in iReport?


Hi all


 created a scriptlet and it working fine on my local machine but when uploaded to the server a got "a ClassNotFound" exception. I don't know the class path in the server so I had to ask a server admin to add a jar file to the class path for me but it still didn't work, with the same error too.

So to run away from adding a jar file to the "class path i don't know", is it possible to call a java method without creating a jar file. can i just embed my java/groovy class to the .jrxml file?


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I am also looking for the something on similar lines.

Have you by anychance found a way to make a service call from ireport with out adding jar?


sushma.139 - 7 years 9 months ago

hi, i need too do something like that... any body found something?

fatusilva - 2 years 10 months ago

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