blank report result on reports with non-englsh characters in query

i create my reports in Ireport 4.8.0 and run them in zuckerreports and everything works fine (zuckerreport is like jasper server but for using in SugarCRM).
Everything works fine and the ireport jrxml files presented great in zuckerreport , just like it does in Jasper Server.

But when trying to make zuckerreport execute a report with Hebrew language characters (UTF-8) , I get a blank report.
For example, a report i created with this simple query show a blank report (0 results) on zuckerreport although it runs great (return results) in Ireport and mySQL database:
 COUNT(leads.`lead_source`) AS Count_of_sources,
 leads.`primary_address_city` AS leads_primary_address_city,
 leads.`lead_source` AS leads_lead_source
 `leads` leads
 primary_address_city = “תל אביב” and Deleted=0
when running this report on zuckerreport i get a blank report in any situation where Hebrew characters (UTF-8) are in the query.
Any idea will help, i'm totally stuck... 

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