How to create bar chart in ireport that increases its size as the series expressions increases


Hi All,

I have created a bar chart that displays companies (customers) as series expressions, months as category expressions..

The chart works fine if the companies range is 10 to 15, but as the no. increases, the chart becomes congested.. ( as most of the chart place is occupied by colour indications for different companies that are generated by the chart), If the companies go on increasing, the chart will no way visible in the area I have designed it.. 

Is there any way to increase the chart size dynamically using ireports???

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I think you should not provide a field in series expression becouse as you show image the legend values are so much that is difficult to understand the respective  column in chart for perticular legend. So better to design in such way that series expression having some hardcoded kpi name. Oherwise you need to expand the design of manually for your requirement. 

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