where to print charts & cross tabs?How to do Formatting of cross tab field ?


I have two crosstabs & two charts
If I put crosstabs in detail band, error comes "Error filling print... Error incrementing crosstab dataset"
when I put both in summary section,along side of Charts,then charts mixes with them as below
I tried option,float,Fiexed Relative to Top & firxed relative to bottom,but no effect.
& How should I format field name called "month_name" which show months in crosstab? I want it to be, when month between Jan to Apr,column should be green
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2 Answers:

Best way to use crosstab in group footer if you add any group band, if group required. Otherwise you can used in summary. As crosstab increases dynamically on horizontally so it is difficult to adjust chart side of crosstab.If you placed chart & then crosstab side of it then it works but  Best way is to use chart  above crosstab. if your crosstab repeat for perticular field then used it with report group. So your crosstab & chart repeat for each value of group field.

Try this may be helpful.

If you found the way of crosstab,chart design side by side the way you want. Then let me know your solution.

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Crosstab not worked in detail band of the report.

Eighter you can used it in summary or in report group footer band.

Best way to do this create only one crosstab with column which differ the calculation of crosstab in group header. so that crosstab & chart reapeated for each value of group column. 

It is difficult to design a two crosstab with two chart side by side.so it is better to place a crosstab below chart.


Try this out if possible with your requirement. Othrwise if you found any better solution then let me know. 

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