Java example for Barcode4J



I am looking to change our barcode generation from Barbeque to Barcode4J.

Is there a java api example around anywhere for this?


Currently using jasperreports 4.1.1 but can upgrade if necessary,




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It seems that you need a Java barcode generator. If so, I surfed on Google and found this. I hope it would be helpful to you.

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Thanks, but isn't that what Barcode4J provides?

To clarify:

Currently we have a number of reports that are generated via the Java API only and the barcodes are generated by Barbeque. I want to change over to Barcode4J to use make use of some of its features.

The JasperReports provided example for Barcode4J only shows how to set this directly in the XML. What I am looking for is an example of setting this via the Java API.


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and so you mean this jasper reports ( barcode4J? i saw it just has sth.related to barcode in java(

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