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I have question:


The feature Dashboard, is that also in the community edition?

I went to a seminar today, and there they told me that the whole jasperserver suite is open source...

Can someone explain me the difference between jasperserver library and jasperserver itself...


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1 Answer:

Here is a chart that shows the difference between the editions:  http://www.jaspersoft.com/editions

The community edition provides a repository and the related security to enable self-service report execution and scheduling under the AGPL v3 license, which allows you to use it for free for your own use but does not allow it to be included as part of a commercial product or SaaS application.

The commercial edition provides additional features such as ad hoc report creation, dashboard design, a semantic data abstraction layer with row and column level data security, auditing capabilities, multi-tenancy, etc. all under a commercial license to allow use and distribution within a commercial product.

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