How to take parameters & fields from main report's table into subdataset ?

I am using sample dataset to put  problem simply to understand,please dont suggest me to optimize/change mysql  logic/queries.

I have output of main query in .jrxml file(main table)

i am taking "book_id" as user input.

want to made  subdataset_1 by using "book_id" input & some fields from main table as


select  AuthMn,AuthFN  from main_table where BookID=$P{book_id}--->subdataset_1


select AuthMN from subdataset_1

3)printing subdatset_2 without using any widget from pallete of ireport (e.g. table,crosstab,charts..etc)


Can anyone guide my how to access main table's fields & parameters  in subdataset_1 ? &

accessing fields from  subdataset_1 to another dataset ?

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1 Answer:

Try with subreport..

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I dont want to use subreport,even i used that also,it create problem of importing parameter,some fields from main report.
Any how the problem is going to same. @ajinkaya_c can u tell answers for my questions,asked in bottom ? may be logic how to proceed using any tutorials

sagarnikam123 - 10 years 2 months ago

You can passed parameter as well as field to the subreport and also return the variable to the main report so that i think it is achievable by subreport.

ajinkya_c - 10 years 2 months ago