How to remove the empty space when there is no data in Detail band 2 ?

Hi All,

I am creating a report having three sub reports in it. All the three subreports are in their seperate detail bands. When all the three subreports are fetching data, I am getting perfect final output. But in case subreport in detail band 2 fails to fetch data (due to mismatch of condition in its sql query), I am getting blank space between detail band 1 and detail band 2. I tried a lot in removing that blank space but failed to. 

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1 Answer:

Variant 1 (easy):   Set vertical size of Detail 2 equal size of subreport (not empty rows in Detail 2 after subreport). Set in Main report in propetry windows of subreport 2  check box "Remove line when blank" in "checked". May be in this case, you must set Properties "When no data" in subreport2 in to "All sections, no details".

Variant2 (more difficult)
Return value $V{REPORT_COUNT} from subreport2 into main report (for example variable $V{Var1)). And set Print when expression ${Var1} on Detail2 section (or subreport).



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