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Hi community

I am running android MobileDemo Server in my Emulator.....i want to add local server in that application and i added that server url in that application "" while running this server in android Emulator it displays some unauthorized error....please tell me what can i do now......i attached that screen shot also 


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Which version of the JasperServer are you running and which version of the app?  I just tried with 5.0 and 1.1, and I was able to connect.  

If you are using the community (CE) version, the "organization" field should be left blank, if you are using the commercial version, it must be entered correctly.

- Veronica

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Hi veronica....

thanks for your reponse....finally i got the answer

thank u so much

potnuru.sunil - 10 years 6 days ago

Hi community,
I have installed JasperReport CE server version# 5.2.0 and have JasperMobile latest version on my android. I'm unable to login into server from mobile. I leave "Organization" field blank & server URL ( getting error "Exception occured during invocation of web service". I'm able to view the sample report from server dircectly. Please help, I'm new to jasper apps.

shashank.s - 8 years 9 months ago