Is there anything like JasperForm ?


I am using Jaspersoft iReport & Jasperserver,
I want to take many input from user in Jasperserver & using that values,want to generate dynamic query mysql at back end in server to show report.
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Reports are designed in iReport to take parameters. You include them in the SQL query with the $P and $X syntax. Parameters can be initialized with expressions, so all is dynamic. In JasperReports Server, parameters are called input controls, and they can be mandatory, hidden, and have initial values. If a report has parameters, the viewer will display a dialog tha has fields for the user to enter the information (either above the report area, to the left, or as a floating dialog--behavior is configured when you upload the JRXML). After the entering the inputs, the JasperReports engine plugs them into the query string, obtains the data, and generates the report. Also, users can save a set of input controls as a report option, which can be run again without needing to enter the information.
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