How to Open JasperServer Reports inside Android Mobile API?

I am working android 4.0version,ubuntu 11.04,Eclipse IDE.,Mobile-demo of Jasperserver in my android app.....

I want to access reports made by jasperserver on other machine(i.e.remote desktop),into my "JasperMobile for Android"  made application.

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1 Answer:

If you have JasperServer running on that machine, and the reports are in the JRS repository, you would set up the repository in Servers list, and you can access the reports.  The Android device has to be able to connect to that machine (i.e. that machine is accessible from internet or the phone is on VPN on the same network).

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I have listed all the reports from my JRS in my mobile, How can I Render/View the report? Any API's ?

aravintz - 8 years 8 months ago