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Hi Folks,

I know this has been covered off here before, but in 4.7.1 this no-longer seems to work. When I call the URL I get the following exception:


My applicationContext-security-web.xml file looks like:

<bean class=""
    <property name="authenticationManager">
        <ref bean="authenticationManager" />
    <property name="accessDecisionManager">
        <ref bean="httpRequestAccessDecisionManager" />
        <!-- <property name="runAsManager"><ref bean="runAsManager"/></property>  -->
    <property name="objectDefinitionSource">

My URL I am using looks like:

I have checked the permission on the samples folder, and anonymous has read-only.

Any ideas ?

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1 Answer:

I can only suggest to update to JasperReports Server 5.0: in 5.0 this case works great with ecaxtly same steps.

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Thanks, I must be doing it wrong. Just installed a vanilla 5.0 server and configured it the same way and got the same error.

Exie - 10 years 10 months ago


Did you get this working?

djohnson53 - 10 years 1 month ago