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I would like to generate a report in which I include some PDFs. I do this by using my own Renderer, which implements Jasper Reports Renderable and instanciate it in the jrxml-template. The actual PDF file is passed as parameter. So far, everything is fine. After filling process report is exported as PDF. However, the export-PDF does not contain the fonts that had been embedded in the original PDF but only the fonts needed for substitution. That - depending on the original fonts - might lead to a pretty ugly output (wrong kerning, i.e. letters overlap and alike). My font embedding/substitution is done by font extensions (see attached fonts.xml. I'm not too sure about the exportFonts-Tag, though.)

I guess that this might not only be a Jasper-specific question (e.g. how to extract the fonts from the original and make them available to JR). But has anybody a solution to this? Or an idea how to solve the problem (maybe I'm doing something wrong and there is no need to actually include the fonts if the PDF is correctly rendered.)? One hint: The PDF is not rendered as image. I want the PDF objects to be kept and be smoothly integrated into the exported PDF-document.

Maybe somebody already had the same problem - I would then be happy with some link (while investigating I could not find anything pointing in this direction). Thanks in advance!


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