Can reports on Ad-hoc View have drill down feature?

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Can anyone please comment on my question that can we have drill down option for reports that are build on Ad Hoc View. I am using JasperServer PRO version but unable to have this option.

Drill down option is only shown in Ad Hoc View editor but when this view is exported as Report the option for drilling simply departed.

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Any comment?
jawwadfarooq1 - 10 years 4 months ago

1 Answer:

I am trying to create MongoDB ad hoc view in jasperserver 5.2.
  • I created data source in "Data Sources" location . After that how to move forward i didn't understand. 
  • In reference document also i verified,but i didn't got any information. Only creation of datasource its there and they mentioned no need to create domain.  
  • Without domain, how to create ad hoc view.

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