JasperServer Pro 4.7, JasperMobile iOS, connection issue.

Hi Guys,

I currently have JasperServer running locally on my Windows Machine, and have successfully managed to connect my iPad to view the login page of the JasperServer (through the safari browser) by connecting to the same network, and using my computer IP address.

So I know I am able to connect to the Server through the browser.

Although I get a strange error with the iOS app. I enter the settings, and when the iPad tries to connect through the app, I get an eror referring to something about   not being available? Or soemthing? (on the App, the error comes in a small window which shows the error within all this html syntax (which I cannot seem to copy n paste out of the app)

So I try to actually go to this URL on my computer and I recieve this error to do with AXIS? So now, I am unsure what to do. I am an Intern at the moment and my mate (also an Intern) is telling me, I'm reading into this AXIS probelm too much, but I just want this iOS app to connect so I dont feel so guuuuuuuh! 

I have looked on tomcat on my computer and made a mnager user, so I was able to see what services are on it, and I dont anything referring to AXIS.

Any suggestions or resolutions would be great! 
Cheers, Blake

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Maybe you have entered wrong URL? This should be fully qualified URL, i.e. http://servername:port/jasperserver (servername is a domain name or IP address).
Can you please provide a detail steps of how you do connection, so we will try to reproduce a problem. Also please provide error message (screenshot is ok also).
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I am connecting to the server OK with safari on the iPad, so there is no problem with the URL and port.

bdaetgibson - 10 years 3 months ago

. (sorry double post)

bdaetgibson - 10 years 3 months ago