Newbie Q: set of dynamically generated beans for datasources -- possible?


I have a set of dynamically generated beans that I want to use for data sources. 

I have managed to create a DataSourceProvider that will work with any one of the beans (actually the generaic BeanDatasourceProvider works fine) provided I know the name of the bean to start with.

Since the beans are generated dynamically I don't know the available beans except by querying the bean generating system.  My question is... 

Is it possible to create a DataSourceProvider or something similar that will allow users of IReport to select from the set of beans that are returned by the query to the bean generating system?

Has anyone done something like this?  I suspect that it would be very much like having canned SQL queries and being able to pick one from a list.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Perhaps a pointer to any architecture documentation would be in order? I am trying to figure out how to extend the system to allow for automatic registration of system generated data access beans in the reporting tool
claude.warren - 9 years 2 months ago

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