How to erase the "---" from input controls (list of values, radio, query result etc)?



     During the last 2 months I have used extensively JasperServer for the reporting needs. It works great, it looks great. 

    There is one issue i stumbled upon frequently: all input controls involving several choices (simple lists of values, radios, queries) have one default value: "---" in at the top.

   Is there any way to remove/customize that  ??


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PS: felicitari echipei romanesti de la  Jasper


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As i know, "---" is just a substitution for default values. If you want disable ability to use default values for some input control - just do this control mandatory. In this case "---" should not be displayed.

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Yes, you are right. "Mandatory" solves the problem. Thank you !

ciprian_ivan - 8 years 3 months ago