Crosstab with separate column groups


Hello everyone!


Using the following data:

7 gender Male 423 Color? Red
7 gender Male 456 Animal? Koala
7 profession Student 423 Color? Red
7 profession Student 456 Animal? Koala






I am currently generating the crosstab below in an Excel document, using a row group on recipientId (number 7) and a column group on questionId (numbers 423 and 456):

recipientId Color? Animal?
7 Red Koala

However, I need a crosstab that would look like:

recipientId gender profession Color? Animal?
7 Male Student Red Koala


According to the crosstab sample (, column groups are enclosed in each other. But I need to repeat both my tag columns and question columns, separately.

Should I keep trying to do this using a crosstab and coluùmn groups? Maybe by adding fake empty questionId columns? Or should I use a subreport? Or is there a better solution?

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