adding time zone when storing a schedule report with a soap call



I am having problems setting/storing the time zone with a report job from php.

I would like to achieve what i can do with the ireport desgner, tools -> options -> compilation & execution -> set the report time zone, then al dates and times are presented correctly

I know there is a xml timezone property of the job trigger, but this influences only (and ofcourse) the schedule dates.

At present, JasperServer uses only two cookies: time zone and locale. is this something you maybe have to set? But how?


1. where does a scheduled report get its default value for REPORT_TIME_ZONE?

from the server running the application server? from the data source ?


2. is the REPORT_TIME_ZONE used by other variables?

or is it just displaying the timezone configured for the report, nothing else


3. what is the best way of setting the timezone for the whole report?

Or do you have to adjust your fields and parameters all with your specific defined timezone.

I am doing this now by setting a string input control, and convert it to a timezone and then calculate with the offset.


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