How to Add Comment column after TOTALS column in crosstab



I want  to add a Comment column after the Total column in crosstab. Is it possible? If YES then can someone please help me out how?

I have found a similar question asked ages ago but no asnwer onit.

What I am looking is similar to what is being asked in the post below:

Hope to hear soon. Thanks.

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1 Answer:


You can create an additional group before your existing row group and place the comments in that group's total header.  The group would have a constant bucket expression and no/zero height header cell.



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I had to add a row group and column group for it to work. Thanks for the solution.

uouser - 8 years 5 months ago

My bad, I said row group but I meant column group.

lucianc - 8 years 5 months ago