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Our customer complained that some their users in different places are experiencing jasperserver default theme as the login page while a custom theme selected as active. we have no clue why is this strange behavor happening which forced to load default theme instead of custom theme. Just for the information, we have not done that many changes in our custom theme;only image and css changes.

My  guess is for some reason jasper forced to load default theme, it can be because browser version or I would like to know all the other reasons. So that I explain to our customer.


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3 Answers:

To change the theme for a log in page, you need to log in as superuser.  If you log in as jasperadmin, or another administrator, the theme will be changed, but not for the login page.

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My question may not  as clear to understand.Here I rephrase it.

1. I log in as jasperadmin. 

2. Activate my custom theme. I change jasper logo to customer logo and background image.

when I refresh I can see my custom theme and jasper logo changed to customer logo and background changed to custom theme backgraound. When I login as simple user i can see  my logo and background. That means the behavior is normal to me and most of the users.

But some users inform that instead of custom theme they see jasper logo and jasper background. Isn't this unusual? That's why I mentioned something might force the browser to display default theme or browser cache.

However, one user said he is using IE8 and clean cache but still showed jasper default theme while another user said it's a firefox. I would like to know is there any code which forced jasper to use default theme? 



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I am also facing the same problem.Custom theme works properly in Chrome not in IE8 . How to fix this issue.


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