cross tab problem


my query Return following data

Name   age  Group
XYZ    21   a
MNO    22   m
ABC    23   p
XYZ    21   d
MNO    22   n
ABC    23   q
XYZ    21   f
MNO    22   o
ABC    23   r
PQR    24   __

i want to design cross tab like that how to design my cross tab plz help me
in irepor

name  age  A  B  C

XYZ    21  a  d  f
MNO    22  m  n  o
ABC    23  p  q  r
PQR    25  -  -  -

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2 Answers:


If you want to capture a many-to-many replationship between name to group, you might want to define each group as it's own dimension.

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i want to capture one-to-many relationship..

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Hello frds,
Iam new @jasper Report.....i have one requirement ,,,iam enable to get any blog for this so plz help meeeeeee

My requirment is .......i want to do SubTotal for more than 2 rows .So iam unable to get this .Soooo plz help and send step how to do this...

Plz check below attached Excel File like tht i want output............Iam waiting for Your Reply.

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