JasperMobile caching graphs?


JasperMobile is an excellent idea, but ... seems to cache charts output in HTML mode and fails to replace them when report parameters change.

E.g. I have a report with a parameter:

1. I pick parameter 'P1' -> run report -> some charts are displayed

2. I change parameter to 'P2' -> re-run the report and ... same charts show up

NB: everythings works right in regular browser - including mobile one(!)

Morover, the content from my report messes up the demo reports available via JasperMobile

Jasperserver is:
Product Version: 4.7.0, Build: 20120815_1737

Jaspermobile is 1.1


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1 Answer:


It's fixed in the next release (should be available in mid-November).
Thank you for noticing it and sorry for the inconvenience.
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