JasperETL vs Talend


I have seen two questions going in the same direction back in 2007. I would like to see what the status is as of now in late 2012:

What is the difference between the Talend and JasperETL (specifically the community editions), as far as

  • functionality (are there an features that only one or the other offers)
  • release cycles (how far back is a JasperETL release compared to respective Talend TOS release?)

are concerned.

I am making some assumptions, but I might be totall wrong here. Can someone please let me know how right or wrong I am with these:

  • One one hand, I am thinking it might not make sense to use JasperETL if it has the exact same features as Talend - Talend might be a step ahead in the release cycles, meaning new features or fixes might be available a bit sooner than the will become available in Jasper.
  • On the other hand, I am thinking plugging any of the Jasper Solutions on top of JasperETL might be easier (as far as integration / configuration is concerned) than Talend because some defaults might already be pre-configured using JasperETL.

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There is a 100MB difference between the TOS download (579MB) and JasperETL download (485 MB). So I guess there must be some differences - even if it's just included docs...
mark.arnold - 10 years 4 months ago

1 Answer:

In the Open Source version TOS and JETL are basically the same thing no benefits in using one or the other, aside from some JETL specific comeonents to trigger some actions on the server.

As far as releases go, it looks like Talend has very frequent releases, and JETL updates to the last Taled version each time a new Jasperserver  version is launched. As of now JETL is 5.0.2 and Talend is 5.2.0 ( do TOS is 2 minor releases ahead )

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