How to split flash chart into multiple pages like cross tab in Jasper

Hello All,

I want to split the flash chart into multiple pages, as the Category Expressions dataset is huge, which is resulting the graph to be in an unreadable format, as attached in the image below.

I want something like, the Category Expression dataset to be distributed in blocks of 10, as to display first 10 categories in page1, and so on. I was wondering, if its doable in Jasper Server using Jaspersoft iReport Designer Professional 4.7.0.

Please help in this.

Thanks in Advance.

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1 Answer:


You can split your chart if you use data grouping in the report and put the chart in the group header or group footer band. This way you would have more than one chart. You would have one chart per group break. You then only need to make sure your group breaks every 10 categories or so, provided that data source records are sorted by category already.

Check the /demo/samples/charts folder in the JR project distro to see our chart reports displaying a chart in each group header.

You can also check the /demo/samples/jasper sample to see how we made a group that breaks every 5 records. You could create a similar one that breaks every 10 records.

I hope this helps.


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