How to use Hive connection in the data adapters list of Studio1.3.1?

When I click the Hive connection in the data adapters list of Jaspersoft Studio1.3.1, it shows a url message :JDBC URL: " jdbc:hive://localhost:10000/default " 

But I don't know how to use it……

Who can tell me how to use the  the Hive connection to access HDFS? It needs other confiurations?

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who knows it……

rubywei - 10 years 11 months ago

1 Answer:

Replace the following....

  • localhost - replace with the ip address or domain for your Hive data store
  • 10000 - replace with the port for you Hive data store (if it is not 10000)
  • default - replace with the name of your Hive data store

Once you have this, then you need to use the Hive datasource when you are defining your query and write the appropriate query against your Hive implementation.  Here is some information on the Hive Query Laguage:

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