JasperReports Server 4.7.0 connect with JasperMobile App for Android

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Dear Community, 

im trying to connect my Android Phone (JasperMobile App) with my JasperReports Server 4.7.0. JasperReports Server ist installed on local on windows 7. Is there any how-to tutorial how can i go forward. Or 

have anyone experience or know how can i do. 



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2 Answers:

Your server must be deployed in a way that you can access it from your phone - either through a public DNS entry/ip address or by getting your phone connected to your local network so that it can see the machine that your server is installed on.  Once you have this set up - you can verify by trying to hit it with a browser from your phone - it is simply a matter of setting up the server connection within the JasperMobile app.

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Thank you so much mgeise, 

i would like access with a public DNS entry/ip. I have already create a no-ip (dyndns) host but i need some help or "to-do" how can i config the connection. I search in google and don´t find any solution as yet. If the way is easier to bridge the conection on lokal, i would try this also.   

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why doesnt jasper mobile run on eclipse, all android plug ins were loaded

murugantevin - 9 years 1 day ago