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For compatibility reasons I am stuck to use iReport 3.0.0. so maybe what I am going to ask is not possible in that version. Practically I am using the variable PAGE_NUMBER as described in the documentation: evaluation time = "now" for the current page, evaluation time "report" for the total of the pages. The problem is that, no matter how I set the PAGE_NUMBER, no matter how many pages there are in the report, I keep receiving as output 1/1 I have tried searching the forums but no luck (or maybe it's blindness by my side) I attach also the source of my report, the relevant part is in the page footer. Thanks for any hint, I would not like to "implement" a counter by myself <band height="2" issplitallowed="true"><subreport isusingcache="true"><reportelement x="0" y="0" width="535" height="2" forecolor="#0033FF" key="subreport-4" isremovelinewhenblank="true"><printwhenexpression></printwhenexpression></reportelement><subreportparameter name="USERTITLE"><subreportparameterexpression></subreportparameterexpression></subreportparameter><subreportexpression class="net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JasperReport"></subreportexpression></subreport></band>
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A comment, I have posted the report source in my post, but it doesn't show up (if you don't look the post without rich editing). I think this is a FAQ, but how can I post my code without the forum to "filter" it?
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