connect Redis datasource to Jasper report server

Hi Everyone:

I am quite confused with the installation of Jasper report server for my database, my system use a Redis api and I wondered if it is possible to connect the Redis data source into Jasper report server or in other words, deploy Jasper report server on top of the RedisDB, I know there is no official Redis connector, but I actually found a JDBC-redis (which may be out of date) on the web and tried to  connect it to Jasperreports server, but it printed out connectivity Errors.

Could anyone help me with this please?? Thanks everyone for read or reply to my question.




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1 Answer:

RedisDB is not something that would work for the repository DB, so deploying the server "on top" of RedisDB wouldn't likely work.  

If what you are looking for is to report of of the data that is stored in the RedisDB, then all you need is a JDBC driver for redis that is SQL92/JDBC2.1 compliant.  If you have this, you would:

  1. Deploy JasperReports Server with the regular repository database (PostgreSQL)
  2. Add the Redis JDBC driver to the classpath (.../WEB-INF/lib), and then
  3. Login to the server and create a JDBC datasource with the appropriate connection string for your RedisDB

Once you have done this, then creating a report using that datasource should be just like creating one with any other JDBC datasource.  Again, the JDBC driver must meet the SQL92/JDBC2.1 standards to really work right.

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Thanks very much, your idea was something I was thinking about but unsure with. However I tried to Create the data source with the redis-jsbc(which meet the standard requirement, it still have setup errors. So could u please explain a bit more about the steps, particularly for the fields required to fillin before submit, or if I do need to change some bits of code in my jsbc driver?
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You should not have to change your JDBC driver. To create the JDBC datasource, from the repository view when logged into the server:
1. Right click on the folder you wish to define the data source within and select Add Resource>Data Source
2. Set the data source type to JDBC Data Source
3. Provide a Name and Resource ID for the data source (Whatever name you want)
4. Enter the JDBC driver name, Connection URL, Username, and Password
From what I can tell (although I am not sure) - Since you are a redis user, you should already know this from your other connections -
the Driver name is:
The connection URL is in the form: jdbc:redis://:/
5. Click Test Connection
6. Once the connection is successfully tested, click Submit
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