Create Report Against Server Data Source


I have a use case where I'm trying to provide people with the ability to write reports against a MySQL data source that's across the internet.  Is there any way to use Jaspersoft Studio to create a new report that actually uses a server data source for connectivity?

Does anyone have any recommendations other than provided direct MySQL connectivity (either over the internet over SSL, over SSH tunnelling or over a VPN)?  I'm really hoping that the JasperReports Server can be talked into providing the datasource connectivity to the local report development environment....


Thanks in advance!

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I suppose this is somewhat possible in that you could depoy a report to the server to test it and run it through the repository browser, effectively running it on the server and using the datasource as defined on the server.  If what you are looking for is a way to set up a local datasource connection that references the connection as defined on the server, this is not possible.  You could add a request to the tracker to try to get it put into a future release.

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