Documentation for PDF bookmark tagging and export from Jasper Reports Server


Hi. I think maybe I just need to be pointed in the right direction - this is new to me. I have a very large (1700+ page) report that is essentially a repeating block of 3 to 5 page sub reports. I need a way to break this large report up into individual PDF files. I see that the PDFSAM program can split on bookmarks, so I thought I'd try to use the Jasper Reports bookmark tagging to identify an element on page 1 of each of these "sub" reports (not real Jasper Reports sub reports; they're just sections in my report). Anyway, I picked an element, set its PDF 508 tag to Heading, Heading 1, Full, set my iReport (4.02) to include the "is tagged" parameter for the PDF exporter, and hit the "go" button (figuratively speaking) - no luck. The resultant PDF does not contain bookmarks.

So, first challenge: get this to work direclty in iReport.

Second challenge: configure Jasper Reports Server to export the bookmarks as well (v4.0 right now....yeah, I know, I really want to upgrade - haven't had bandwidth)

Thanks in advance. -Ben

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Regarding PDF bookmarks, Did you set the report level or global parameter per this URL? By default it's false. You can set per-report or server-wide in WEB-INF/classes/ in the server


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Ooops. Meant to just add that last post as a comment...sorry. -Ben
benu - 8 years 6 months ago
Do I need to do something with the hyperlink setup, as per this post?
benu - 8 years 6 months ago
OK, I think I solved this. Turned out I did have to go into the hyperlink properties, set the expression to the appropriate field that I'm grouping on, and set the bookmark level to 1. It seems to be working OK now. Thanks.
benu - 8 years 6 months ago
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And, solved this one completely, though I'm still wishing there were better documentation around PDF export with bookmark support. Still, 1700 page PDF bookmarked and split into 400+ uniquely-named files using PDFSAM - life is good!
benu - 8 years 6 months ago