Hyperlink on table not working in jasperserver 4.7.0

hi there,

             am installed jasperserver 4.7.0 and design a report with table and the table contain two fields, one of the field contain hyperlink. The report run correcty but when i click the hyperlink field the options are come like formating hide column unable to open the hyperlink report. Please help me.

thank you

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3 Answers:


This is an issue that was resolved in the 4.7.1 commercial release.  The fix should be included in the 5.0 community release which should be available by the end of the year.


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hi kris thank you for your support,



      1.Temporarily i fix this issue by insert frame inside the column which have hyperlink but there is no popup(formatting and hiding option) come while i click the corresponding column and that column in hidden field list too except that its working fine i attach screenshot for your reference.















again, once the drill down report opened and click back then click any column of the report but there is no popup(Formatting and Hiding) will come pls check back button problem while using tables and drill down report.

2.One more problem while pass date param to drill down report the corresponding date pass like a string and every date field datatypes are automatically changed into string. screenshot attached for your reference.


thank you

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I am also facing the same problem in passing parameter as input control from Main/Parent report to child report through Hyperlink in JR server 4.7, means if main report contain one input control and child report contains three input controls,  you linked child report to main report then you can’t select even input control are not visible in the child report.

Is there any solution two solve this issue?

Is this is a bug or a feature of JR server 4.7?

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