JasperServer working for browser but not iOS App


I ran the installer for JasperServer and everything finished just fine.  I have saved jrxml reports into my jasperserver repo and can view them on my ipad thru safari.

However, when I direct the JasperMobile iOS app to:


I get an invalid response.  I read on a post that it has to go to


but when I do that I get an http401 unauthorized user.  My settings are:

Name: MyCompany


Organization: SomeName
Username: jasperadmin
Password: jasperadmin
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2 Answers:


There are a few things which might be going wrong here:

1) You shouldn't have the /login.html at the end of the URL (I'm not sure you do, but in one of the lines above you have it

2) The URL should start with "http://", i.e. http:/myIP:8080/jasperserver/

3) If you are using our Community edition (which I assume from the URL), you should leave the "Organization" field blank (Multi-tenancy is a feature in our commercial Enterprise edition)

4) Make sure you can access the server from your phone.  If it's on a corporate network, for example, you may need to use VPN on the phone to see it.  The best test is to try the login URL from a browser.  It won't really work, but you should see the login page come up.

Let us know how it goes.


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Ok the organization field is blank.  That did it, thx.  One last question, so what is the product:


BI for Mobile iOS 

used for!?  Or is it just another name for, the JasperMobile for iOS app?

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I'm not sure how to answer this question. Where do you see "BI for Mobile iOS"? Our (Jaspersoft) app is called JasperMobile for iOS.

vbykin - 8 years 6 months ago